Posted Mar 12
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High standard recruitment and training

How does it work Our Live Chat Agent Recruitment and Training programme is delivered on a project basis which looks like this:

Information gathering – What are you looking to achieve? Work from home or office based? What’s your company culture like?

Job specification created – Based on the information gathered, we create a custom job specification to suit. We’ll then review our existing contact base to see who could be the right candidate.

Marketing and promotion – We’ll then promote your job specification online through a range of targeted mediums.

Shortlisting – Those who match the job specification are then invited to the assessment stage of the process.

Four stage assessment – The shortlist are put through a four stage assessment process to delve deep into their natural abilities.

Selection – Only those who make it through the final stage are presented to you to make the final decision on.

Training – If required, we can put successful candidates through our 100 hour training programme so they are ready to start chatting from day 1 with you. This can cover all live chat based training as well as brand specific knowledge training.

What's the problem?

  • Great phone agents don’t necessarily make great live chat agents
  • Finding, selecting and training isn’t a simple or quick process
  • The success of live chat is dependant on having the right team

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