Beginner Transcriptionist

Allegis Transcription  United States of America

Posted: February 8, 2017 | Job Type: Full Time


Job Description: Allegis Transcription is currently hiring individuals interested in beginning a career in transcription. This position does not require any previous experience, but simply the aptitude to translate recorded audio files into written documents. Allegis specializes in the strict verbatim style of transcription which means you type exactly what is said, including vocalized pauses.
All positions are independent contractor positions. It allows you to work from home during hours that are convenient to you.
Successful candidates will need to complete a paid training program in order to qualify for independent contract work.

Position Requirements

Ability to train for 2-3 hours per day, for 2-3 weeks, generally during the hours of 7:30 am - 3:30 pm PST

Provide responsive and proactive communication with office team

Ability to follow instructions and meet deadlines
Respond well to feedback and coaching
Minimum 65 WPM typing speed
Excellent spelling, grammar and punctuation skills
Good attention to detail
Tech savvy

All work must be conducted by transcriptionists based within the United States.
You must have a Windows based PC with MS Word (not compatible with Mac).

About the Company
Allegis Transcription is the nation's premiere transcription company in the insurance property and claims industry. We serve some of the largest insurance providers, and have been a thriving business for over 20 years. Allegis has a customized work portal that allows at-home transcriptionists to select files of their choice in length at any time of their choosing, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. New business and annual growth have us looking to infuse our team with more top talent - dedicated professionals who take pride in their exceptional transcription speed and accuracy, and who have made transcription a specialization.

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